Taxes And Transferring Life Insurance 05/11/2015

When business and family relationships change, people may need to move a life insurance policy from one person or entity to another.

Typically, when ownership of a life insurance policy changes, the original owner reports a fully taxable gain, which is calculated by subtracting the owner's adjusted cost basis (ACB) in the policy from the proceeds made when disposing of the policy.

Unfortunately, this Read More

3 Crucial Things You Never Want To Miss Prior To Filing An Insurance Claim! 28/10/2015

If you have given your life a right type of insurance cover, you will never have to worry for finances even if you meet with a mishap in the future. There is a provision for the monetary benefits which is usually enough to cover your expenses during the care. But, before you head towards filing an insurance claim, let’s go through the basic things that you must consider before filing an insurance claim.< Read More

An In-Depth Understanding Of Travel Insurance Coverage 28/10/2015

Before you take off on that enormous outing, do you think that you will require travel insurance? Anyway, what actually is travel health insurance? Is it a good investment, or a misuse of your hard-earned cash? Before you head out to your next trip, deep understanding of the Canada travel insurance will let you take the decision of buying it, in the wisest way. After clear Read More

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