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Do you need life insurance?

Will your loved ones be financially impacted if something happened to you?

If you answer yes, then you should think about how you can help protect them with life insurance.

While you may have basic life insurance through work, it may not be enough to meet your needs, and your coverage typically ends when you leave your job.

Life insurance can be a key part of your financial plan. Speak with an Ace Financial Group advisor to determine the right life insurance for your needs or get a quote online.

It’s never really too late to buy life insurance, but don’t get left underinsured or paying for excess coverage.

When you let Ace Financial Group insurance brokers review your life insurance needs, you will receive a personalized formula to accurately match your circumstances.

Be prepared for you consultation with relevant information to factor in, which includes:

  • Your annual income and employment status
  • Number of children and their ages
  • Value of a stay-at-home parent and/or childcare costs
  • Your mortgage balance or monthly rent
  • Your debts and monthly household expenses
  • Future needs – education, business or funeral costs
  • Your current liquid assets – savings, life insurance or property

Why is life insurance important?

It covers your financial commitments.
It allows your family to maintain their standard of living.
It covers death-related expenses.
It allows you to leave a legacy.
It ensures business continuity.
We offer 3 types of life insurance to meet your needs

Term life insurance

Affordable coverage to meet your temporary needs Protects your loved ones for a pre-determined period while you have greater financial commitments.

It's the ideal solution if:

You have dependent children and are on a tight budget.
You have short- and medium-term loans to repay.

Permanent life insurance

Lifetime insurance coverage
Permanently protects your family and your legacy.

It's the ideal solution if:

You would like to leave a legacy.
You would like to be protected, even if your health changes.
You would like to ensure the continuity of your business.

Universal Life insurance

A combination of permanent life insurance and savings Offers you lifetime coverage and the opportunity to save with certain tax benefits.

It's the ideal solution if:

You would like to leave a significant inheritance.
You have contributed the maximum amount to your RRSP and your TFSA.
You would like to protect the value of your company.

Our Insurance Services include:

  • Investment Services Mississauga

    Critical Illness and Disability Insurance

    We provide Insurance for every situation:

    • Critical Illness Insurance
    • Disability Income Insurance
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  • Investment Services Mississauga

    Mortgage Insurance

    By choosing to insure your mortgage with us, we can offer you several advantages that your lending institution cannot

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    Travel Insurance

    Make sure you’re covered in case of medical emergencies away from home!

    • 24/7 emergency assistance
    • Multilingual customer service
    • No medical questions for travellers under 60
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    Super Visa Insurance/Visitors Medical Insurance

    We offer very affordable monthly payment plans.
    To get your Super Visa Insurance/Visitors Medical Insurance,
    call us at (905) 282-9600 | (416) 525-3500

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We also provide other services:

Disability Insurance Mississauga

Why People Trust Ace Financial Group Inc.

  • Disability Insurance Mississauga


    We consider ourselves responsible for the efficacy of our services, purpose and results.

  • Disability Insurance Mississauga


    We are open, genuine and direct with our clients.

  • Disability Insurance Mississauga


    We are always enthusiastic about what we do & devoted to those we serve.

  • Disability Insurance Mississauga


    Our affordable policies will help meet your financial commitments.

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