Critical Illness and Disability Insurance Mississauga, ON

The importance of critical illness and disability insurance

Provides financial assistance following the diagnosis of a critical illness
Helps you honour your financial commitments while you recover
Can help cover costs related to your critical illness or disability
Allows you to take the time you need to recover by providing financial support to compensate for lost income
Insurance for every situation

Critical Illness Insurance

Gives you financial assistance that you can spend as you want and the time you need to recover.

No one plans to be sick, but what’s your plan if you are?

Illness can strike at any time, and the impact can be devastating, both to your wellbeing and your financial security. Critical Illness Insurance solutions by Ace Financial Group offers you the security of a plan that helps you when you’re sick and supports you while you cover. And best of all – once approved, your coverage is guaranteed. Critical illness coverage/benefit is not dictated by your employment/earned income, whereas, disability insurance is entirely related to your income.

Disability insurance protects a percentage of your earned income for the duration of your disability or the coverage period as pre-selected by you at the time of application.

Life Insurance with Critical Illness

While life insurance focuses more on your securing your loved ones, when you are no longer living, critical illness on the other hand, aids us in our financial obligations while we recover from a contract specific diagnosed illness.

We’ve all had to take time off work when sick, and a serious illness can require extended time off or even stepping down from your job. Critical Illness insurance provides an essential security that allows you to take the time to treat and manage your condition without the worry that income loss can have on your lifestyle, your family’s wellbeing, or your treatment options. The benefit from the Critical Illness Plan is tax-free and is paid directly to you. Coverage that answers only to your needs will allow you to seek treatment or accommodation that would otherwise be difficult or impossible without draining your savings and putting your family at financial risk.

With Coverage for a full range of serious conditions and guaranteed approval – the benefits go well beyond peace of mind

The ideal solution if:

A temporary work stoppage and additional expenses caused by a critical illness would have an impact on your finances and standard of living.
Disability Income Insurance

Provides you with a monthly income to compensate for the loss of earnings due to a disability. As a result, you can continue to meet your financial obligations as well as cover expenses related to your physical condition.

The ideal solution if:

An accident or illness prevents you from working in the long or medium term, which will affect your finances and standard of living.

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